Tuesday 12 December 2017

'We don't want another kicking in a referendum'

Aine Collins
Aine Collins
John O'Mahony
Fine Gael's Noel Harrington

Aine Collins Cork North-West

"The voters have had enough of referenda, they want us to focus on jobs and health, real issues, they won't thank us for any more referenda."

John-Paul Phelan Carlow-Kilkenny

"There is no appetite for this amongst the public. I'd prefer no more referenda during the Government's term myself, we should look at the example of the American constitution where they did it in one go and left it alone."

John O'Mahony Mayo

"The Government's priority needs to be to concentrate on jobs and the economy over the next two years."

Patrick O'Donovan Limerick

"As far as I am concerned, we have had a good number of referendums since the Government came to office – five in two-and-a-half years. I think now it is time to take stock.

"Maybe it is something we could look at in the next Dail. If you were asking me the same question in relation to the voting age or anything else, I'd be saying the same. The important things now are the economy, the economy and the economy."

Noel Harrington Cork South-West

"I'd prefer if it didn't happen now. I am baulking at the process of going through another referendum. We just got a bit of a kicking already so why are we talking about another referendum."

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