Sunday 18 February 2018

WATCH: Unionist councillor in hot water over 'inappropriate' remark about female colleague

"I often have the pleasure of the chief executive whizzing past me on her bicycle" Newsdesk and Agencies

The DUP has slammed sexist comments made by one of its councillors as "inappropriate" saying he has made a private apology.

Councillor Graham Craig made the controversial comments in City Hall on Monday night as council chief Suzanne Wylie sat in the chamber. During a debate on cycling, the DUP man had remarked how he occasionally saw PUP councillor Dr John Kyle out on his bike.

But he added: "And I often have the slightly greater pleasure of the chief executive whizzing past me on her bicycle in the morning which does quicken one’s step slightly."

Mr Craig was urged to apologise and withdraw the remark, which other parties said was completely unacceptable.

A DUP spokesman said: "The remarks in question were not appropriate.

"Councillor Craig has spoken to the chief executive privately to apologise and the DUP group leader on the council has also apologised for the comments.

"We are glad this action was taken quickly."

Belfast Telegraph

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