Thursday 17 October 2019

Watch: Group of protesters demonstrate against Eoghan Murphy at Dublin count centre

Eoghan Murphy (Niall Carson/PA)
Eoghan Murphy (Niall Carson/PA)

Cormac McQuinn and Laura Lynott

A SMALL group of housing protesters entered the Dublin city count centre in the RDS during a visit by housing minister Eoghan Murphy.

They were led to the door by security but are now outside chanting “Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, out, out, out.”

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy. Photo: Frank McGrath
Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy. Photo: Frank McGrath

The protesters have a sign that reads Dublin Renters Union.

Gardaí and security guests are at the door of the count centre.

Another chant is: “Housing is a human right this is why we have to fight”.

Junior housing minister John Paul Phelan is also in the count centre.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy. Photo: Collins
Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy. Photo: Collins

One of the protesters is People Before Profit candidate Peter Dooley who is running the Crumlin-Kimmage ward.

His party colleague, another candidate Tina McVeigh, joined him outside.

She said the Dublin Renters Union has been protesting against evictions in the city.

She said “I came outside to stand in solidarity with my colleagues.”

She claimed another protester was going to be made homeless and has nowhere to live.

Dublin Renters Union are “dealing with people who are being thrown out of their houses all the time”, Ms McVeigh added.

She said they “stand up to the tsunami of evictions that are taking place around the city.”

Trinity graduate in genetics, Conor Reddy, 23, told he had heckled the minister as he was “tired of following the path he’d been told to by getting an education and working hard, only to realise I’ll probably not be able to leave home for many years.”

Mr Reddy, from Finglas, said:  “I live with my family now and that is not likely to change in the long term.

“There just isn’t another option for my generation.  But the Government doesn’t seem to see how disillusioned my generation is right now with them and their failure to fix the housing market.

A spokesperson for Minister Eoghan Murphy responded to the protest saying:

“Protest is part of democracy but the count hall is democracy in action.”

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