Tuesday 20 February 2018

'unlike Fianna Fáil, we have the aim of getting the Government working for the people...'

Colm Keaveny,TD who has joined Fianna Fail.
Colm Keaveny,TD who has joined Fianna Fail.
Bertie Ahern


Colm Keaveney believes Fianna Fail is a "changed party", but he has been highly critical of it in the past. Here is some of what he has said: n Earlier this year, Mr Keaveney took to Twitter to rubbish suggestions that he would ever join Fianna Fail.

Mr Keaveney said such a move would have to be "on Charon's ferry", a reference to the Greek mythological ferryman of Hades who carried souls of the deceased across the river Styx.

* The most celebrated quote came when he was speaking in the Dail, in response to a Fianna Fail motion on Independent Inquiries into Planning Irregularities on June 12 2012, when he said of Fianna Fail TDs: "Some of these Members, with mustache a quivering, were highly vocal supporters of former Taoiseach, Mr Bertie Ahern, and acted as attack dogs on any investigation into planning matters in this country and on Mr Ahern's probity.

That such persons have the brass neck to sign a motion like this is evidence of shamelessness that exists within certain political parties in this House."

* There was more ... "The Mahon tribunal report is littered with the names of Fianna Fail members and makes hundreds of references to that party...

This rampant corruption of many of Fianna Fail's members and public representatives is part of the philosophy of tolerance that existed within that party."

* And he went on ... .. "If Fianna Fáil members have information on planning corruption in local authorities, I ask them please to report it to the Garda Siochana.

"I am aware they failed to do so in the past..."

* Fianna Fail's economic policies also came under scrutiny from Mr Keaveney in October 2012 in a Dail debate on the economy.

"The weakness and incompetence of the last Government, under the pressure of the European institutions, brought the liabilities of failed private banks onto the shoulders of the ordinary people of this country. A previous Government had narrowed the tax base to the extent that the fiscal consequences of an economic downturn would be catastrophic."

* Fianna Fail's policies again came under fire in the Dail in February 2012.

"It is time for some Members in the House to show some maturity and realise that unlike Fianna Fail, we have the aim of getting the Government working for the people..."

* In the last general election, Mr Keaveney turned his attentions to Fianna Fail in his YouTube campaign video, dated 29 January 2011.

"Taking money from the blind and the disabled. This will be the legacy of the Fianna Fáil government.. .bad government decisions that have resulted in families having to pay out more.

"As we speak the Fianna Fáil government continues to waste millions of your euro on portacabins for rental for our education system. The stupidity must end."

* Before his election to the Dail, in December 2010, Mr Keaveney criticised Fianna Fail's cut to the maintenance grant cut for students.

"It is Fianna Fail that has inflicted such immense damage on our economy and on our public finances – damage that may take years to repair – and it is time for them to go."

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