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Union warns pension levy on table for pay talks


Eoin Ronayne: union members prepared to go further

Eoin Ronayne: union members prepared to go further

Eoin Ronayne: union members prepared to go further

A SECOND trade union representing public sector workers has warned that the controversial pension levy will be on the table during next year's major pay talks with government.

The Civil Public and Services Union (CPSU), which represents predominantly low paid workers, said its members have seen a 20pc drop in their incomes over the past few years. The union's General Secretary Eoin Ronayne said he wants to dispel the "myth" that the pay in the public sector is in the region of €900 on average per week.

"People need to start telling the truth about public sector pay . . . We don't earn that kind of money, we have people who get €420 per week, that is the reality," he said. Mr Ronayne indicated his union will be seeking changes to the controversial pension levy, which averages 7.5pc, when talks begin on the restoration of public sector pay.

Impact, the country's largest public sector union, has also said the pension levy is on the table. The levy was the first measure introduced under the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Acts 2009-2013, known as FEMPI.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Mr Ronayne said the pension levy has had a major impact on his members.

"On the pension levy, that's a very hard one for our members because it is taken before the pay cuts and before taxation hit people. So its hit our members much harder. The pension levy is one area we would be looking at in terms of the restoration talks," he said.

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