Wednesday 24 January 2018

The White/Burton leadership debate: How they scored

Fionnan Sheahan

Fionnan Sheahan

The results:


Burton 6/10: Safe pair of hands who intends to carry on in Government but be more forceful.

White 7/10: New arrival in the big league who brings more radical thinking.


Burton 5/10: Tends to wander on a bit but combined core values references with reconnection.

White 8/10: Promises an awful lot, plenty of symbolism and focused on his background.


Burton 8/10: Wants a living wage, clampdown on high earners and an EU growth package.

White 5/10: Not bothered about hitting deficit reduction, wants no more cuts and a wealth tax.


Burton 7/10: Adopted a hardline on Labour defectees, concentrating on those still in the party.

White 5/10: Reiterated point about a less centralised form of leadership and engagement.


Burton 8/10: Went for the jugular on the Sinn Fein coalition point, referring to the "Sinn Fein-IRA nexus".

White 6/10: Reiterated what he would actually do if he was Tanaiste, including appointment of Burton to Cabinet.

Burton: 34 out of 50

Burton wins on substance.

White: 31 out of 50

White wins on style

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