Thursday 14 December 2017

The Floating Voter Podcast: The Silence of the FG Rebels

Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Photo: Tom Burke
Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Photo: Tom Burke

In politics at least, this week Enda Kenny is still the only show in town and in true Enda fashion, a decision to prepare for the decision is being prepared while he decides to make a decision about preparing to step down.

Meanwhile, the front-runners, Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney, are holding their fire until the Taoiseach returns from the White House after St. Patrick's Day.  So is this a typical Fine Gael fudge and faux pas, not even being able to hold a leadership succession properly? asked the Floating Voter political panel of Kevin Doyle, Philip Ryan and Nicola Anderson.

Leo Varadkar said he wanted to avoid a ‘Fine Gael family at war scenario’ but Philip Ryan compared it to the final crucifixion scene in the Life of Brian with nobody prepared to step up and speak out direct to Enda’s face.  Are the rebels being cut down and muffled by Leo’s camp or is there something more concerted at play?

Surely they should have said something, wondered Nicola Anderson, what was the point otherwise?

There’s also the possibility, said Kevin Doyle, that by the time Article 50 is triggered for Brexit, Enda might find it in his heart to stay on for the good of the country.

And, is Leo Varadkar the shoe-in to be the next leader of Fine Gael?  Is Simon Coveney’s problem the fact that he just doesn’t have the x factor and is too earnest and conscientious?  But can the city slicker Varadkar appeal to the conservative, rural electorate in the long run?  And is there any truth in the rumour that Coveney was seen in the Dail bar twice in the last two months? 

Let’s just hope, by next week, we won’t be discussing the future of Enda for three weeks in-a-row…..

Each week on the Floating Voter, INM's political team discuss the main issues affecting Irish politics, bursting the bubble around Leinster House.  New episodes on every Thursday.

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