Wednesday 22 May 2019

The Floating Voter Podcast: Is there potential for a Leinster House sexual harassment scandal?

Leinster House
Leinster House

Niall O'Connor

UK politics is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal - but could a similar controversy ever engulf Leinster House?

That was the question posed by INM political correspondent Niall O’ Connor, when he was joined on the Floating Voter by correspondents Philip Ryan and Shona Murray.

Murray told the podcast that she has herself experienced it in the workplace - and that Dáil Éireann is not immune from a similar controversy that has engulfed Westminster.

Ryan added that social media has brought a new dynamic to the saga - and has led to potentially dangerous claims being made online.

And, the latest garda breath test report has seen at least 400,000 extra errors found, how can this be?

Meanwhile, with the Dail in recess, we ask is new politics working and what is our new favourite phrase of the year? #FakeNews

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