Monday 19 February 2018

The Floating Voter: It's green tea Coveney vs rough and rugged Cowen

On this week's show, Kevin Doyle, Philip Ryan and Niall O'Connor look back on the week in Irish politics including round 52 in the water charges debacle, Shane Ross at the back of the bus, and the Enda farewell tour.

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Around and around we go and we’re back to where we started.  It's another version of the water charges saga between FG, FF, Simon Coveney and Barry Cowen.

"It’s about over-usage and Fine Gael believe they’re being fair, equitable and most importantly, legal' in all of this," argued Niall O'Connor.  "While Fine Gael believe that Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein's proposals will leave Ireland open to legal action, fines and embarassment."

"But, 'considerably more likely than not' is not exactly a definitive ruling from the Attorney General that Simon Coveney is claiming now is it?" countered Philip Ryan.

But maybe this spat is more historic, going back to when Coveney criticised Brian Cowen’s drunk/hungover appearance on Morning Ireland? in 2010?  Or is it more about green tea Coveney irking the 'rough and rugged' Soldiers of Destiny as O'Connor claimed?

"It's the biggest sham fight we’ve had so far but the reality is no one has the bottle to pull the plug," said O'Connor.

Turning their attention to the bus strike, Philip Ryan questioned why more money should be thrown at a failing company and why should Shane Ross be brought in unless cost-savings are going to b implemented? 

"Maybe taxis would be cheaper to take the people around the country?" he asked.

"And maybe you can join the Tea Party," replied O'Connor.  "If you live in the rural community it’s not your fault if buses are half-empty - they deserve to have transport services."

Each week on the Floating Voter, INM's political team discuss the main issues affecting Irish politics, bursting the bubble around Leinster House.  New episodes on every Thursday.

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