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The Floating Voter: Five-car TD Boxer Moran on the Budget carbon tax versus protecting rural Ireland


Kevin 'Boxer' Moran

Kevin 'Boxer' Moran

Kevin 'Boxer' Moran

This week ‘Prudent Paschal’ gave us Budget 2020 which was all about the 4Bs of Brexit, Boring, Boggers and Boxer Moran, but how much should we believe that the shadow of Brexit was behind the tight budget and how much will the carbon tax hike hit us?

Independent TD and Minister for State, Boxer Moran joined INM’s Kevin Doyle and Philip Ryan as well as EY Ireland’s Head of Tax, Kevin McLoughlin, defending the government’s measures, on this week’s Floating Voter podcast.

Admitting to driving a 2.5 litre BMW and owning five cars as part of his taxi business in the midlands, Boxer Moran admitted that protecting rural Ireland is still on the agenda despite environmental concerns.

EY’s Kevin McLoughlin analysed the budget from a tax and economic perspective highlighting the need for Ireland to remain competitive with uncertainty still ahead in the years to come, and not just around Brexit,.

“There is a danger of getting overly-distracted by Brexit,” he said. “How well are we fixed to plug the gaps in revenue with Brexit or other international events? There’s not a whole lot left there in terms of levers.”

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