Wednesday 16 October 2019

The Floating Voter: FG Minister says politicians must stop objecting to new housing

Junior Finance Minister Michael D’Arcy
Junior Finance Minister Michael D’Arcy
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

Politicians should stop objecting to housing developments in their constituency, a Fine Gael minister has said.

Junior Finance Minister Michael D’Arcy said it was “wrong” for TDs from all parties to oppose new developments in the middle of housing crisis.

Speaking on’s Floating Voter podcast, Mr D’Arcy said:  “Public representatives need to stop objecting to housing estates and housing schemes. I think it’s wrong. They shouldn’t be doing because we need houses and we need housing.”

“Sometimes the development isn’t correct and I know and understand that but I don’t think a public representative should object to housing today because by God we need housing,” he added.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy also asked TDs to stop objecting to new developments during a Dáil debate on housing.

Mr D’Arcy also said he believed all social welfare payment should be increased in next Tuesday’s Budget.  And he said the Government was working towards increasing the entry point for the top rate of tax to €40,000.

The minister also discussed the measures he is taking to reduce the cost of car insurance.  This includes introducing a publicly available list of all motoring claims and pay outs.

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