Friday 24 November 2017

Ten questions Enda Kenny ignored during Facebook Q&A

Eimear Phelan

It seemed the moderators were out in force for the live Q&A from Facebook’s headquarters in California last night. A wide range of topics and issues came up in over 500 comments but some issues came up more frequently.

The point of the Q&A was to engage with Facebook users to ask questions about 'trade, investment and job creation'. An Taoiseach only answered six questions from the feed so we have complied a list of ten topics brought up by users that Mr Kenny failed to comment on last night:


1. Jobsbridge

“Where is the funding for childcare when you ask getting people to work 40 hours on jobs bridge for 50?"


“Are you bringing more Job bridge jobs to Ireland? More unpaid internships? Where are the job bridge priced supermarkets, the job bridge priced rents and mortgages? Will you be inviting more people like Donald Trump who immediately upon setting foot here advertise for job bridge employees?”


2. Legalisation of cannabis

“How about legalizing the growth and sale of cannabis in Ireland? The tax revenue would be significant and I'm sure there would be a large number of people on the dole that could become immediately self employed as cannabis cultivation requires little training. As we seem to look to America for all our solutions Enda, maybe we should follow the good example of Colorado.”


“I suffer severely from Crohn's Disease and I am in desperate need for a change to Medicinal Cannabis availability in this country? Have you any plans to make such changes or are you planning to leave people such as myself to continue suffering and/or live in fear of fines and imprisonment?”


3. Single fathers


“Why are single fathers not recognised by the state? I was made redundant last year and went on social welfare for the 1st time and got 188 a week,whilst if I was a single mother,I would have got an allowance,and I returned 2 work 2 months ago, 2 find out ive lost my lone parents tax credit because im not the 'sole carer' of my child?” [sic]


4. Investment in rural and Midwest regions

“Taoiseach, what has a provincial town got to do, I mean real practical steps to make it more attractive to companies from the west costa of the USA. Outside Dublin there is a wonderful standard of life but all the opportunity seems to be concentrated in Dublin and Cork. In my town, Mullingar, most people who have spent years becoming qualified must travel many kilometers to Dublin each day for a decent well paying job. How can we prevent this pointless waste of time and attract some tech companies to provincial towns such as Mullingar? Is this even a priority for Government, could ere be encouragement from Government to work from home, which would assist family life? can be sure that there are votes in sustaining provincial towns in terms of maintaining a young educated population etc.” [sic]


“Given the neglect in the MNW region by successive governments over the past two decades, what is this Governments position on extending enterprise supports to local communities, particularly rural communities, to encourage real innovation and entrepreneurship among people and young people in particular. Also, a point that was raised with me recently with graduates: Has the government any immediate plans to assist employers in rural Ireland to develop graduate programs. I am hearing day in and day out that young people are consistently thorn between home and career once they graduate.”


5. The effects of austerity

“How has austerity affected you?”

“Can you provide a sample household budget for how you would propose to survive on €188 a week? This must include what you would spend on bills, food spending, money for internet cafes for job hunting and the price of printing out multiple CVs for jobs that don't exist, and travel fare to the dole office, and illegally topping up your landlord because your rent supplement doesn't cover it.”


6. Mr Kenny’s salary and pension

“Enda - how do you feel about the fact that you'll retire with three pensions, having been a TD, minister and Taoiseach, when the rest of the civil service retires with just one?”


7. The bank debts

“Why is it that the Irish people have to pay a debt that isn't theirs while the people that caused it walk away scot-free!?”


“How can our Gov pass emergency legislation overnight at 3am to liquidate Anglo Irish Bank, yet needs weeks to review medical card legislation for very sick people in need?” [sic]


“Why should the younger generations have to suffer the burden of past generations failings. What are you exactly doing to help people find jobs. People are attempting to find jobs, with/out education & can not find jobs. I feel we should be trying to spend our way out of those past failings rather than taxing & taking away the money of people who clearly only have pennies. How about reducing the lowere tax band & increasing the higher to even out the cash flow amonst all. My final point if you could do these things, it would create spending & credit in the economy because at the end of the day people either have to spend or save the money they have.” [sic]


8. The skeletal remains of 800 babies found in Tuam, Galway

“When are you launching a Garda investigation into the mass disposal of babies in Tuam?”


“Why does the discovery of 800 dead bodies in Galway not merit the involvement of the Gardai? Why have you said absolutely nothing on the subject?”


9. Irish water


“Why are you selling off all our natural resources?”


“Enda - with your minister for the environment declaring war on quangos, why has so much been spent on setting up Irish Water when the profits will go into the largest quango in the state, rather than raising income tax to pay for the amenity according to means like we do with everything else?”


10. The best One Direction member

“Hi Enda.. are you going to release a full length video of you singing Pharrell Williams happy song? Do you love being our leader? What's your favourite cereal? Who is your favourite member from 1direction?”

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