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Tax cuts in next Budget for workers earning under €70k, says Taoiseach Enda Kenny


Taoiseach Enda kenny

Taoiseach Enda kenny

Damien Eagers

Taoiseach Enda kenny

Tax cuts in the Budget will be directed at workers earning between €30,000 and €70,000, according to Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Mr Kenny said the Government's priority is alleviating the tax burden on the "very hard-pressed middle".

He said all taxpayers benefited from the Budget last October, but that the upcoming Budget will focus on those earning below €70,000.

He told reporters that the Government will take a further 80,000 out of the USC net - bringing the overall number to 500,000.

"We've already made the case that it's the intention of the Government to continue to reduce the burden of taxation on people.


"We have 420,000 people at the moment who are exempt from any charge in respect of Universal Social Charges. We would like to bring that to half-a-million this year with the inclusion of another 80,000," Mr Kenny said.

"The priority for Government in respect of adjusting the taxation burden will be for those between €30,000 and €70,000 who are the very hard-pressed middle. Obviously, last year everybody got some little benefit, but the priority is that section."

But the Taoiseach also warned against any giveaway budget, as the Coalition continues to see their support in the opinion polls stabilise.

"That doesn't mean that the road ahead is easy, it's still very challenging," he said.

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