Saturday 21 April 2018

Tanaiste pays tribute to civil servant work

Tanáiste Joan Burton hailed Irish civil servants as 'magnificent'
Tanáiste Joan Burton hailed Irish civil servants as 'magnificent'
Ralph Riegel

Ralph Riegel

Tánaiste Joan Burton hailed Irish civil servants as "magnificent" as she insisted issues about them being embarrassed to publicly confirm their occupation date back to Ireland's economic and financial crisis.

The Labour Party leader was commenting after a report by Senator Marie Louise O'Donnell found high levels of stress and anxiety among Irish civil servants.

Some admitted they were concerned about reduced pay and benefits, as well as their long-term financial status given debt commitments.

Others did not like to publicly discuss their occupation.

"I think a lot of that perception goes back to when the crash happened," Ms Burton said.

"(This was) when public servants were being identified as part of the reason the economy went into difficulty and, in particular, people in very senior positions.

"People took big decreases in salary as well as the tax increases that everybody else experienced.

"But, to be perfectly honest, we have moved away from that time."

The Tanaiste said that civil servants have played a crucial role in helping Ireland recover from the crisis.

"I have to say, the staff have done magnificently," she insisted.

"A lot of people congratulate the staff on what they are doing, so I hope the fears described there belong a little to that difficult period that we have now moved out of."

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