Tuesday 20 August 2019

Suggestions Donegal should become part of the UK branded 'intentionally provocative' and 'farcical'

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Kathy Armstrong

Kathy Armstrong

Suggestions that Donegal should become part of the United Kingdom have been branded "farcical" and "intentionally provocative."

John Taylor - known as Lord Kilclooney - claimed yesterday that Donegal is "ignored" by the Irish government and said that people who live there would be better off if they were part of Northern Ireland.

The Armagh native said on Ocean FM on Tuesday: "I think Dublin ignores Donegal. It really is the hinterland of northern Ireland and it would be great to have it back in with us.

"Oh I’m certain it would because it would benefit from the block rent from London that we already enjoy in Northern Ireland, £10 billion a year we get."

His remarks have been criticised by Donegal Sinn Fein Councillor Jack Murray.

Cllr Murray told Independent.ie: "I think he's right that the Dublin government has forgotten about Donegal, there isn't enough investment and the infrastructure isn't there - the likes of rail access, dual carriageway access.

Sinn Fein Councillor Jack Murray strongly disagrees with the idea of Donegal becoming part of the UK
Sinn Fein Councillor Jack Murray strongly disagrees with the idea of Donegal becoming part of the UK

"There is also a lack of investment in health, Letterkenny Hospital in particular needs a lot of investment.

"This has all had a negative impact and needs to be addressed.

"The idea of British rule though is farcical."

In line with his party's position the Inishowen representative said that he feels a united Ireland would be better than expanding Northern Ireland.

He said: "I would disagree with the idea of returning to the United Kingdom in the strongest terms possible.

"Partition has had very negative impacts, what happened in the six counties under British rule was severe and much worse than Donegal being forgotten about.

"I would rather see the reunification of Ireland, which would remove the problems caused by partition."

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