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Sinn Fein's 'ghoulish' terror profits slammed by TD


Michelle Mulherin, TD

Michelle Mulherin, TD

Michelle Mulherin, TD

A GOVERNMENT TD has slammed the ''ghoulish spectacle" of Sinn Fein profiting from "acts of terrorism" by selling IRA mugs, T-shirts and other memorabilia in its online shop

Labour deputy Arthur Spring accused the party of cashing in on the IRA's violent past while at the same time insisting they have moved on the spectre of paramilitarism.

"Sinn Fein like telling us they have moved on from their paramilitary past but the fact that they continue to sell scores of IRA merchandise proves to us that they have done nothing of the sort," the Kerry TD told the Sunday Independent.

"Profiting from key-rings and mugs brandishing the logo of a terrorist organisation is no way for a civilised democratic party to fund itself. It's the electorate Sinn Fein is taking for mugs. Sinn Fein are obviously perfectly comfortable with glamourising the IRA's violent past by insisting on selling these souvenirs. This is hypocrisy of the highest order."

Mr Spring called on the party to "withdraw this tacky, offensive and disrespectful merchandise immediately" and to apologise to the families of "IRA victims for showing such disregard to the memories of their loved ones".

Meanwhile, Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin has hit back at Sinn Fein after she was accused of "blatant electioneering" for suggesting the party condones fuel smuggling.

An ugly spat broke out in Taoiseach Enda Kenny's constituency when Ms Mulherin clashed with the Mayo branch of Sinn Fein over remarks she made under Dail privilege linking the party with fuel launderers.

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