Sunday 21 January 2018

Singer Emma feeling off-key after she missed vital TV audition

Singer and actress Emma Langford. Photo: Emily Gale
Singer and actress Emma Langford. Photo: Emily Gale

David Raleigh

Singer and actress Emma Langford was left reeling after the strike resulted in her missing out on a crucial audition.

"I had to try to get to Dublin within a limited window of time," Ms Langford, from Caherdavin in Limerick, said.

"All the green buses were totally booked out; they were way over-subscribed and people were waiting for two or three hours trying to get out of Limerick."

The 27-year-old was one of six actors shortlisted for a role in a whiskey advert.

"I lost a really valuable casting, it was worth a fair bit of money, as well as great exposure," she said.

"Realistically, the public transport system should be the one looking after you trying to get to places."

Despite missing out on a big TV opportunity, Ms Langford said she supported the bus strike.

"I completely support it; it's just been a pain in the ass. As an artist you're always worrying about where the next dollar is coming from, and you have to constantly think about it," she said.

"The longer it goes on, the more likely it is to cause obstruction and issues for people trying to get into the city and to go to gigs, which is a huge issue for musicians."

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