Wednesday 12 December 2018

Shane Ross accuses former minister of 'smoking amnesiacs' during dramatic Dáil row

Transport Minister Shane Ross (Picture: Tom Burke)
Transport Minister Shane Ross (Picture: Tom Burke)
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

Transport Minister Shane Ross has accused former Communications Minister Eamon Ryan of being dramatic during a Dáil row after the Green Party TD said he had no faith in the delivery of plans to improve commuting in Dublin.

Mr Ross claimed Mr Ryan was "a little histrionic" and the government he was part of left behind a transport legacy that was “an absolute and utter disaster”.

He also said; "I just wish to know what pills this man is taking. This man must be smoking amnesiac."

It came after Mr Ryan asked the minister if a proposed underground rail interconnector linking Heuston Station and Spencer Dock will be included in the new national capital plan.

Mr Ross said such a tunnel was estimated to cost €3bn and the proposal was being redesigned in search of a low cost solution.

The Green Party leader took issue with Mr Ross’s response and said he had no faith in him.

“I am clear on what the Minister is saying; it is not going to happen,” said Mr Ryan.

“I have no faith in the Minister's ability to protect public transport or deliver public transport in this city.  Our city is grinding to a halt and he is sitting back and watching it happen.”

Mr Ross said Mr Ryan was being dramatic and questioned his record when he was in government between 20017 and 2011.

“When you were not so busy deferring bankrupting the country, bankrupting the banks and propping up Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern, which he did with alacrity, I do not know what you were doing about transport but we inherited a situation in transport from you guys which was an absolute and utter disaster," he said.

“You get up here day in, day out wanting to spend money like water, as you did the time you were in government.  I will not sit here and take that as though money comes out of the sky when you are in opposition but when in government you just spent it and bankrupt the country.”

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