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Senator Jim Walsh admits editing his own Wikipedia page after it ‘was changed by person from gay lobby groups’


FORMER Fianna Fail Senator Jim Walsh has admitted to editing his own Wikipedia page.

Earlier this month it was reported the page underwent a number of revisions, with many sections critical of the long serving politician being edited.

An IP address originating from Leinster House was spotted making changes to the Wikipedia article.

The changes and the origins of the editor’s IP address were highlighted by T.J. McIntyre, a law lecturer at University College Dublin.

Among the revisions made to the article were the removal of a number of controversial comments by Mr Walsh about gay people and the same-sex marriage referendum.

One of the edits related to the ‘Pantigate’ controversy, in which he described some proponents of same-sex marriage as ‘dangerous and vicious’ during a debate.

Another reference removed  from the page were comments he made during an interview complaining that David Norris could describe gay people as ‘fairies’ – while he could not.

These changes were made by a user using the IP address – which is shared by all outbound Internet traffic coming from the Oireachtas.

The Wexford Senator today admitted to the Sunday Times he removed ‘certain erroneous comments’.

He told the paper he believed his Wikipedia page had been edited by ‘a person from the gay lobby groups’.

He did not say which specific edits he made.

Mr Walsh resigned from Fianna Fail over his opposition to the Children and Families Relationships Bill earlier this year.

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