Tuesday 17 September 2019

Ross suggests workers could be given a stake in CIÉ group

Transport Minister Shane Ross. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Transport Minister Shane Ross. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Paul Melia

Paul Melia

Transport Minister Shane Ross has raised the prospect of workers in the CIÉ group being given a stake in the companies.

Speaking at a forum on public transport in Dublin, the minister suggested that employees could enjoy a profit-sharing arrangement as part of efforts to reward them for years of hard work.

"I invited radical, even heretical ideas to progress the fortunes of public transport," he told the forum. "I will be happy to entertain the suggestion that the workforce should be given shares or share options in the relevant companies. This might align the interests of passengers, the staff and management. Those who suffered in the downturn could be the first to benefit from any turnaround in the companies' fortunes."

The comments came at the end of the forum which was attended by unions, transport officials, consumer groups and other stakeholders.

Professor Alan Barrett, from the ESRI, will prepare a report on the event, outlining the main points raised, before a public consultation on public transport gets under way.

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