Thursday 22 August 2019

Revealed: Six key issues for voters in any snap election

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There will be a General Election if the current impasse between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is not resolved by Tuesday, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.

Here are six key issues for voters in the event of a snap election.

1) Housing

The biggest crisis to face the nation in modern times. Fine Gael is vulnerable here, with lots of plans launched and then re-launched and very sluggish delivery. But the other parties may struggle to convince voters they would do any better.

2) Health

A huge air of political defeatism surrounds any hope that they system's may problems can really be fixed. This one might be a scoreless draw for the main parties. But a bout of hard weather could increase trolley counts and hurt Fine Gael.

3) Brexit

Dwarfs all the other issues as its fallout threatens economic recession. Politicians may be electioneering when they should be in Brussels fighting Ireland's key interests. A common policy among key parties would help, but appears unlikely. Voters may cry "a plague on all your houses" as a result.

4) Economy

People still want to see the fruits of the still-fragile economic recovery via an easing of taxes and some welfare increases. But this time there will also be a focus on quality of services. It will be interesting to see whether the latter will win out over pledges of more money in the pocket.

5) Justice

Senior Garda management problems triggered this political crisis. The threats of rural crimes and lack of Garda visibility are major voter concerns and must be addressed.

6) Rural Ireland

Continues decline in rural countryside is matched only by repeated promises. The rollout of broadband will be a key issue. Proper regional development plans are also crucial.

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