Wednesday 13 November 2019

Revealed: Lucinda's new party is called Renua Ireland

Lucinda Creighton with Eddie Hobbs at the launch of Renua Ireland. Photo: Mark Condren
Lucinda Creighton with Eddie Hobbs at the launch of Renua Ireland. Photo: Mark Condren

John Downing, Political Correspondent

LUCINDA Creighton today launched her new political party called “Renua Ireland” and said she has a group of 180 people ready to offer themselves as candidates for public office.

"We will contest every constituency in election, and probably run 50 to 60 candidates," she said.

The party is considering running a candidate in the upcoming Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.

Flanked by financial adviser and consumer campaigner, Eddie Hobbs, the former Fine Gael Europe Minister said Irish people were “enraged” by the failure of traditional parties.

She said 16 new policy documents were now being put before people – focusing on the key matters of immediate concern.

The “Renua” leader committed the party to open government saying they would publish the minutes of Cabinet meetings 48 hours after that meeting was held.

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton

Ms Creighton said Irish people remained very active in their communities as evidenced by the broad range of sports and social bodies all over the country. She insisted that politics is “behind the people” and it was time to modernise government structures, the public service and political parties.

“There is a need to liberate politics from broken promises and failed policies,” she at the “Renua” launch at the Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

The Dublin South East TD said the party will operate as openly as possible and she urged as many people as possible to join.

"We want to ensure we govern in the sunshine. Cabinet confidentiality is unnecessary," she said.

But she warned:  "Most parties don't have a code of conduct, unlike Renua. Anyone who breaks code of ethics will not be allowed stay in party."

She said it was time to move from political point scoring and negativity and build a movement based on renewal the Irish society and economy.

“We’re not interested in short-term gain and myopic vision,” Ms Creighton said.

The new party leader said it was time to ensure that the benefits of economic progress was spread across the country.

On question of funding, Lucinda says fundraising will start in a few weeks. "We have no money".

The declared pool of candidates includes Johnathan Irwin, founder of the children's charity Jack &Jill, and social worker and journalist Shane Dunphy.

The property expert, Karl Deeter, is to become the party's ethics officer.

"This is the beginning of an open political party," Eddie Hobbs said at the launch.

Ms Creighton has also confirmed that she will vote yes in the Marriage Equality referendum.

She told RTE's Today with Sean O'Rourke that regarding the issue of whether abortion should be legalised, "all matters pertaning to life" are "immensely personal".


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