Tuesday 20 February 2018

Renua announces plans to give partners of stay-at-home mums six months paternity leave

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

PARTNERS of stay-at-home mothers will be able to avail of six months paternity leave under radical news plans to address the childcare crisis announced by Renua.

Lucinda Creighton’s party unveiled a “three pronged” approach to tackling the escalating cost of childcare for young families.

Among the proposals is a plan to extend leave to both parents after child birth which would see mothers and fathers sharing up to six months off work.

However, the party also proposes allowing fathers take the full six months of paternity leave if the mother is working in the home.

“Currently, tax breaks and proposal will benefit working couples but there are many families where one parent chooses to stay at home and we believe that by extending maternity leave to parental leave we will insure those families can benefit,” Ms Creighton said.

She added: “It will essentially mean when a mother stays at home as a full-time mother that her partner or spouse would be in a position to take full advantage and take the full six months parental leave.”

The party is also proposing to use revenue generated from the local property tax to fund the establishment a network of community crèche facilities.

Almost €100m-a-year for ten years will be spent on the roll out of an affordable childcare network, under Renua’s plans.

The party is also proposing a tax relief on childcare costs.

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