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Pressure grows on Martin over Fianna Fail's poor poll showing


David McGuinness with Micheál Martin.

David McGuinness with Micheál Martin.

David McGuinness with Micheál Martin.

A FIANNA Fáil councillor is considering running as an Independent in the next election as leader Micheál Martin faces renewed pressure over the party's standing in the polls.

David McGuinness, who recently failed to secure the nomination to fight the General Election in Dublin West, said there was much concern within Fianna Fáil.

"There is a lot of disquiet in our party at the minute," he said. He also said he was considering running as an Independent.

"I am considering it, of course I am considering. Close to 10,000 people supported me. It's my future, my political future."

The Fingal county councillor said he had repeatedly sought to try to influence the party as to its direction, but his efforts had been in vain.

He was speaking after the Irish Independent reported that a host of TDs were disappointed and frustrated at the party's continued poor poll ratings.

Two opinion polls published last week put the party at less than 20pc and leader Micheál Martin is under renewed pressure from his own frontbench members over Fianna Fáil's stagnation.

Speaking yesterday, Limerick TD Willie O'Dea said: "I am disappointed at the polls, of course I am."

But Mr McGuinness lashed out at the party's current lack of direction, saying the party's national rating of 17pc is overstating its standing in Dublin, which he said was closer to 11pc.

Mr McGuinness said he had raised the party's failure to support calls for the abolition of the Universal Social Charge (USC) with Mr Martin.

Fianna Fáil had said it would find a way to get rid of the hated levy.

He said that the party's "existence needs to be questioned" if it doesn't have the capacity to figure out how to remove it.

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