Wednesday 25 April 2018

President 'parasite' protester wants nothing to do with Irish politics

Derek Byrne
Derek Byrne Newsdesk Newsdesk

Anti-water charges protester Derek Byrne says he wants nothing to do with the politics of this country.

The DublinSaysNO campaigner said that Ireland had been “torn apart by civil war parties” that had brought nothing but “nepotism” to the country.

Speaking on RTE’s Claire Byrne show, Mr Byrne took to the airwaves to defend the language he used to protest President Michael D Higgins while he visited a school in Finglas.

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In a video of the protest, Mr Byrne can be heard calling President Higgins a ‘midget parasite’ and ‘traitor’ at a protest last Thursday.

While on the show however, Mr Byrne was challenged to stand for election by MEP Brain Hayes, who Mr Byrne repeatedly attack for “turning up his nose at me whenever we met”.

Accusing the DublinSaysNO campaigner of acting “like a fascist”, Mr Hayes said that if Mr Byrne was sure that people supported him, that he “should make his case without trying to intimidation people in the street and stand for election. Let the voters decide who speaks for them.”

Defending Mr Byrne’s involvement in the anti-water charges campaign, TD Paul Murphy said that while he “didn’t agree with his tactics… Mr Byrne had a right to protest.”

“This campaign isn’t one person or one group. People have difference tactics and strategies to defeat these charges.”

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