Sunday 17 December 2017

Poll shows people support Fine Gael minority government but not Enda Kenny

Tough time for Enda Kenny
Tough time for Enda Kenny newsdesk

Almost two out of every three people do not want Enda Kenny as Taoiseach if Fine Gael are to lead a minority government.

A poll by Amarách Research for Claire Byrne Live found that there is marginally higher support for a Fine Gael led minority over a Fianna Fáil one.

Thirty three percent of the the 1,000 Irish adults polled earlier today said they would prefer to see a Fianna Fáil led government while 36pc wanted Fine Gael to be in power. The remainder didn’t know.

But worryingly for Acting Taoiseach Enda Kenny 65pc said the party should change its leader if they take control.

On the subject of another election, 41% believe it is time to go back to the polls, while 46% say another election is not necessary. Another 13% say they don’t know.

The parties took part in "constructive and cordial" talks at Leinster House about the formation of a new government earlier tonight.

The meeting, held in the Sycamore Room, was attended by the negotiating teams of both parties and lasted an hour and a half.

In statements, both parties described the meeting as "constructive and cordial."

The show also featured an interview with former Taoiseach and Irish Independent columnist Bertie Ahern where he said a deal can be done on government formation.

" I think it’s time to get on with it now and wrap it up. My own view is that the end of the month should be the deadline, it gives you three working weeks.

“You have to set a deadline somewhere. It’s not imperative I think that you go a day early or a day late because if you can get a deal that lasts for 30 months or you know three years as some of the independents want then it’s worth spending a few days.”

Mr Ahern said he believed that the Independents would ultimately be the kingmaker.

“I've said from the start that whoever had the most seats is in the driving seat. The margins are slightly with Fine Gael but that's really a call the independents have to make and in fairness to the independents they've spent a lot of time productively listening and looking and putting forward their proposals.

“So the 15 of them or so, or maybe it’s a little more, I think it’s about 15 of them who are prepared to play a part in government, they have to make that call; whether they like the Fianna Fail proposals or the Fine Gael proposals.

“You can argue that the Fine Gael one is a little easier to achieve because of the numbers but it’s marginal and I think as time is moved on its even more marginal than it was"

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