Friday 23 February 2018

'Pay water bill or resign' - calls for junior minister one week on the job to step down

Finian McGrath TD
Finian McGrath TD

There has been a call for junior minister Finian McGrath to resign - less than a week into the job.

Former Minister of State Kevin Humphreys has said Mr McGrath should not be allowed to sit at the Cabinet table unless he pays his water charges.

Mr McGrath admitted this week that hasn't paid his charges because he is opposed to Irish Water and the way charges were implemented.

However, Mr Humphreys, who is now a Labour Party senator, told the Irish Independent that all members of the Government should obey the laws of the land.

"What we have now is a minister sitting at the Cabinet table, a law maker of this Republic, who is actually refusing to obey the law and pay a charge that was legislated through the Dáil.

"So Finian, I think, should resign or go ahead and obey the laws of the State."

Asked if he believed the same about Waterford TD John Halligan, who is widely expected to be appointed a junior minister next week, Mr Humphreys replied: "He shouldn't accept the appointment to sit as a minister of state in this Republic."

Fianna Fáil's Micheál Martin also called on the new ministers to pay their charges.

He said: "People who haven't paid should pay, and people who haven't should be pursued.

"Any deputy in the Dáil should uphold parliamentary law. You might not like the law, but you still have to adhere to it."

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