Wednesday 22 November 2017

No sign of 'Leo Leap' as Fine Gael's public support nose dives weeks after appointment

Leo Varadkar has been urged to help the drive for more women in politics
Leo Varadkar has been urged to help the drive for more women in politics
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

There is no sign of a ‘Leo Leap’ as the latest opinion polls shows the appointment of Leo Varadkar as Fine Gael leader has resulted in Fine Gael’s public support nose diving.

Fine Gael surged in the polls during the leadership contest but has now dropped two points to 27pc since Mr Varadkar was appointed as Taoiseach.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fail, under Micheal Martin’s leadership, is up three points to 24pc.

Mr Varadkar’s first two weeks in office were mired in controversy over the appointment of Attorney General Marie Whelan to the Courts of Appeal.  The media blitz of the State visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week also seems to have done little for Fine Gael’s standing in the polls.

Elsewhere, Sinn Fein is up three points to 18pc, the Labour Party remain unchanged at 6pc and the Independent Alliance is up one to 4pc.

The collapse of the unaligned Independent vote continues with the poll showing the grouping down six points to 8pc.

Solidary-People Before Profit is up one point and is at just 4pc despite the publicity hard-left political parties received in the wake of Jobstown trial outcome.

Renua is up two points to 3pc since it took a firm pro-life stance on the contentious abortion debate.

The Green Party is up one to 4pc, according to the Sunday Business Post/Red C opinion poll. The Social Democrats are still struggling to capture the public’s imagination and have drop two points to 2pc.

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