Wednesday 13 December 2017

No Enda the line in sight. Who nees voters anyway?

What's that old proverb about God laughing when men make plans? He surely chuckles even louder when politicians start getting out their diaries and planning too far ahead.

Enda Kenny certainly doesn't seem to have heard the saying, because, according to chief whip Paul Kehoe, the Taoiseach is minded to stay in the top job right through until, not only the next election, but the one in 2021, and maybe longer if he wins that.

That would make him the country's third-longest serving leader, after Eamon de Valera and Bertie Ahern, but of course he'd have to win two more elections first - and considering it took him so long to win the first one (and he only did that because the country was desperate and had nowhere else to turn), you wouldn't put money on it. In fact, if he really does want to be the Fidel Castro of Irish politics, Enda may have to follow the long-serving Cuban dictator in other ways by, you know, not bothering with pesky elections at all.

Who needs voters anyway?

Spare a thought, though, for younger members of Fine Gael. At this rate, they'll have to wait almost as long as Kenny did before finally getting a shot at the party leadership. That young whippersnapper Simon Harris will be so old by then, he might even have finished his Junior Cert.

They all insist they're fine with that, but what else can they say? Admitting you'd rather the boss step aside and let someone else have a go tends to have a negative effect on your career prospects.

Eilis O'Hanlon

Sunday Independent

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