Thursday 24 October 2019

Nicky: 'Bertie will be recalled fondly'

Bertie Ahern with son-in-law Nicky Byrne and grandson Jay
Bertie Ahern with son-in-law Nicky Byrne and grandson Jay
Wayne O'Connor

Wayne O'Connor

Westlife star Nicky Byrne believes that his father-in-law and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will be looked back on fondly by the public after he dies.

The singer-turned-2FM-presenter married Mr Ahern's daughter Georgina in 2003 and the couple now have three children, twins Rocco and Jay (8) and daughter Gia (1).

Mr Byrne said he believes that Mr Ahern's passion for his job contributed to the breakdown of his marriage to Georgina's mother Miriam.

He also said he feels sorry for the criticism the former Taoiseach has received but is sure that he deserves a positive legacy.

"All political careers end in tears and politicians lose their jobs, but then when they pass away, everyone says, 'Didn't he do this and that and wasn't he great?'" said Mr Byrne.

"And really, can you show me one prime minister or leader around the world who hasn't made some sort of mistake?" he added.

However, he feels that Mr Ahern received too much criticism for mistakes considering his dedication to the job came with a great personal sacrifice.

"Bertie is the most patriotic man and was married to that job, which probably brought about the downfall of his own marriage," said Mr Byrne.

"Of course I feel sorry for him, because he gave his life to Ireland," he added.

"Ireland was hit hard, but he wasn't there when the big decision was made to bail out the banks."

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