Wednesday 17 January 2018

Mum-to-be Creighton and Parlon 'clear air' on quit row

Tom Parlon: made call
Tom Parlon: made call
Daniel McConnell

Daniel McConnell

Former Progressive Democrat Tom Parlon phoned Lucinda Creighton to "clear the air" after suggesting she might leave politics when she becomes a mother.

The former politician caused surprise when he suggested that the fact that Ms Creighton is pregnant meant no new political party would be formed.

"I don't know whether Lucinda is leading (the Reform Alliance) or not but I understand that she's expecting a baby and is newly married and there is a life outside politics," he said. "Look, it is widely known she is pregnant and she might think I gave it my best shot, whatever, but life has to go on.

"She would find lots of well-paid employment outside of politics."

The director general of the Construction Industry Federation said his "gut feeling" was that there wouldn't be a new party as he didn't think Ms Creighton "has that sort of ambition".


In response, Ms Creighton was quoted as saying the comments belonged in a "different century".

But the Irish Independent has learned that Mr Parlon texted Ms Creighton yesterday and they had a "good conversation" on the phone a short while later. He sought to explain he was making a point about how un-family friendly politics is.

Mr Parlon did not apologise to Ms Creighton but phoned as he was "concerned about how his comments might be construed".

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Ms Creighton concurred there was no lingering ill-feeling between the pair.

"The suggestion that me being pregnant would cause me to leave politics is simply not true," she said.

"Politics is difficult for those with young families; it is a very demanding job. But I am going nowhere."

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