Tuesday 20 March 2018

More than just a slap on the wrist for Clare Daly as she nurses facial wound after Shannon airport ‘inspection’

TD Clare Daly pictured at Shannon airport entrance
Picture: Brian Arthur/ Press 22.
TD Clare Daly pictured at Shannon airport entrance Picture: Brian Arthur/ Press 22.
Independent TD Clare Daly with injured upper lip Picture:Brian Arhtur/Press 22
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

IT looks like former socialist party TD Clare Daly may have suffered a facial injury during her attempt to inspect US military aircraft at Shannon yesterday.

Ms Daly was pictured shortly after her she breached the airport perimeter in an attempt to inspect a US military plane.

She appears to be nursing a small cut under her nose.

It is understood she suffered the injury after accidentally hitting her face off a ladder used to enter the airport.

Ms Daly and fellow independent TD Mick Wallace were arrested at Shannon airport yesterday.

The two breached the perimeter in order to inspect US military aircraft at the airport.

Ed Horgan, an anti-war campaigner with the Peace and Neutrality Alliance and the Shannonwatch group, said he witnessed the two arrests.

"The aircraft were being guarded by the Irish army and Clare Daly and Mick Wallace were arrested by airport police quite close to the aircraft," Mr Horgan said.

It is understood the two TDs were attempting to inspect a US Hercules transport plane and a second plane which is believed to be a Boeing 737 converted for use by the US military.

The TDs have campaigned for US military planes landing and refuelling at Shannon Airport to be searched independently to verify that allowing military aircraft at Shannon does not interfere with Ireland's status as a neutral country.

Meanwhile, Mr Wallace updated his Twitter account throughout the day.

“It’s time the Irish people said no to Shannon being used as a US Military Airbase,” he captioned one photo of an aircraft.

“Irish Government must search planes if they want to stop Shannon Airport being used a Military Airbase,” he wrote under another photo.

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