Sunday 18 March 2018

Might I compare thee to a turkey?

Aishling Phelan

A LABOUR Party Senator's attempt to compare election rival 'Ming' Flanagan to Dustin the Turkey has predictably gone down like a lead balloon.

Euro election candidate Lorraine Higgins attacked constituency rival Luke Flanagan on her official Twitter account, positing an image that mocked the TD

"Don’t send another turkey to Europe,” the post reads about Independent candidate Flanagan.


The message, “Electing him to the European Parliament is as good as sending Dustin to the Eurovision,’’ accompanied the altered image.


The picture shows Flanagan standing in a peat box, with Dustin the Turkey’s beak and eyes superimposed on the candidate’s face.


The pair are competing as candidates in the elections for Midlands-North-West.


Dustin performed for Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008.


The posts were sent by Higgins official Facebook and Twitter accounts.


‘‘Luke Ming Flanagan has offered nothing to the Irish electorate except soundbites and populist campaigns,’’ Higgins added on the Facebook post.


But the campaign hasn't caught the imagination of Twitter users.


‘‘Very childish, whatever chance you had of a preference down the paper is gone, well done,’’ said one Twitter follower.


“Don’t think that is a very professional manner to conduct your campaign,” one Facebook user insisted.


Many people defended the current TD for Roscommon South-Leitrim.


‘‘You should be ashamed by your childish political stunt.At least he is defending the indefsible,’’ said another tweeter.


Many online users believed the tactic carried out by Higgins was in poor taste.

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