Wednesday 13 November 2019

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Lise Hand

More strife broke out among the Dail's own Walton family, the technical group, this week when a meeting was convened to pick two new speakers for the next term, with John Halligan and Mattie McGrath due to step down.

But trouble arose when Luke 'Ming' Flanagan (right) and Mick Wallace found that the decision was to be put to a vote – they thought it was their turns by default.

Did they stay and abide by the democratic process? Did they heck. "They left in a huff," explained one insider.

So the vote went ahead anyway, with Stephen Donnelly elected outright, and a tie between Seamus Healy and Catherine Murphy. Legal eagles were consulted, and the verdict was that the two names ought to be put in a hat.

But Catherine didn't fancy that and withdrew her name, leaving Seamus in the seat.

So Mick and Ming will have to wait till next year. Pity, though, it could've been interesting to watch Mick grill the Taoiseach on the autumn budget and the topic of taxes.

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