Friday 20 April 2018

McGuinness reveals tax in wake of Panama

Martin McGuinness. Photo: Niall Carson
Martin McGuinness. Photo: Niall Carson

Noel McAdam

Martin McGuinness paid more than £37,000 (€46,346)in tax last year, the latest personal disclosures arising from the 'Panama papers' scandal have shown.

The Deputy First Minister earned £111,600 (€ 139790) before tax for the 2014/15 year and paid tax totalling £37,143, according to his official tax return released yesterday.

The document also revealed the senior Sinn Fein figure was paid £61,900 (€77,536) in benefits and expenses.

In a move which his party called "unprecedented" Mr McGuinness had already published bank statements when he ran in the Irish Presidential election in 2011.

"(Mr) McGuinness' Assembly income is taxed at source under PAYE. He takes home an average wage and donates the balance to the party," a statement added.

The ongoing rush of party leaders to publish their personal details revealed Justice Minister David Ford claimed £200 (€250) for heat and light and use of the home telephone for Assembly and Ministerial duties.

The Alliance leader was given a salary of £86,000 (€107,724)but his papers did not reveal how much tax he had to pay.

Mr Ford also donated £2,200 (€2,755) to charity under the gift aid scheme. He also recorded £59,802 (€74,908) in office cost expenditures.

The revelations come after the revelations in the so-called Panama papers which ensnared Prime Minister David Cameron last week, who was then the first politician to take the radical step of making his personal tax papers public.

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