Tuesday 16 January 2018

Mary Lynch: I thought I was going to die on night of my attack

Taxi driver Mary Lynch. Photo: David Conachy
Taxi driver Mary Lynch. Photo: David Conachy

Niall O'Connor and Barry Lennon

Taxi driver Mary Lynch, who was brutally assaulted by murderer Jerry McGrath, has said she feels vindicated by the findings of the O'Higgins Commission.

The commission detailed how the gardai failed to properly investigate after Ms Lynch was brutally attacked at the hands of McGrath after she picked him up in her taxi in April 2007.

McGrath was later granted bail and went on to attempt to abduct a child in Tipperary before murdering Sylvia Roche Kelly in Limerick.

The O'Higgins Commission detailed how McGrath, who was bailed after his crimes against Ms Lynch, should have faced harsher terms given the "savagery of the attack."

Speaking to Michael Reade on LMFM on Thursday, Ms Lynch said thought she was going to die as she was brutally beaten by McGrath.

"I was very scared I thought I was going to die," she said, adding that she has been vindicated by the O'Higgins report.

Ms Lynch says she believes the report illustrates that good behaviour, as illustrated by Seargeant Maurice McCabe, is punished within the force.

“I'm not guard-bashing here because there are so many good men and women in the force but I feel very sorry for them, ” Ms Lynch said.

“I can understand why morale is low because when you do wrong you get promotion. When you do right you get right, you're ignored," she added.

Ms Lynch said she believes Sylvia Roche Kelly would still be alive if McGrath had been treated properly by the Justice system.

“There was woman dead because someone didn't do their job. I don't blame the young guards – they were under supervision or rather they were supposed to be under supervision.

“It's all very well having new Gardai but they need to be supervised. I know Noirín O'Sullivan mentions new recruits. There's no point having them if there's no one there to train them.”

“I feel sorry for Sylvia Roche Kelly's family they will not get closure.”

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