Tuesday 21 January 2020

Lucinda Creighton: Fine Gael will suffer major losses in next general election

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton

A former Fine Gael member has spoken of the flaws in the party that will result in its failure at next year’s election.

Lucinda Creighton made the comments in a no-holds-barred interview with the Irish Sun.

“I think the public are very angry for a whole variety of reasons, but you can sum it up in two words: broken promises,” said Creighton, who was expelled from Fine Gael last year after voting against abortion legislation.

The former junior minister was also sceptical of Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s involvement in Martin Callinan’s controversial resignation.

“I don’t really see how it will ever be proven that the Taoiseach instructed the Secretary-General of the Department [of Justice] to dismiss the Commissioner, which is clearly what happened,” she said in the interview.

Continuing to drop hints about turning her Reform Alliance into a fully fledged political party, Creighton was just as critical about the other party contenders.

Sinn Fein’s economic policies are “absolutely hare-brained” and “would come close to bankrupting the country”, she said.

Furthermore, Fianna Fail under the leadership of Michael Martin is “stagnating”.

“He’s somebody who was inextricably linked to decision-making surrounding the build-up to the collapse of the economy... I think the Irish people see that and will not forget it,” she told the Irish Sun.

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