Sunday 18 February 2018

Lucinda Creighton attacks FG's 'grey men' who told her to 'sit down and stay quiet'

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton
Niall O'Connor

Niall O'Connor

RENUA leader Lucinda Creighton has launched her most ferocious attack on Fine Gael to date, accusing former "grey men" colleagues of betraying the trust of the public.

Ms Creighton yesterday pledged to deliver a new way of politics if the Renua party plays a role in Government.

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton

But she pledged said that the party will not "prop up" a Fine Gael-led Coalition.

In a ferocious attack on some members within Fine Gael, Ms Creighton said she has been spoken about as "that woman" who "didn't play by the rules".

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She suggested that after losing the party whip for voting against the abortion legislation, she was expected "keep my head down" in order to be "rewarded with a job in the future for being a good girl".

Lucinda Creighton
Lucinda Creighton

"The challenge before us is enormous," Ms Creighton said.

"The old guard will not go quietly. They will have to be fought, and challenged, and taken on directly.

"I was supposed to sit down and stay quiet. To accept six months on the outside and then be welcomed back in to the same old system.

"To keep my head down and be rewarded with a job for being a good girl at some point in the future.

"Well, to those people I say 'Play the game if you want to. But this woman will not play political games'," she added.

Ms Creighton made the remarks at Renua's annual think-in in the civic offices on Dublin's Wood Quay.

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The think-in was fully open to the public and members of the media - which is in contrast to the approach taken by other political parties.

While insisting Renua intends to secure a mandate to enter government, Ms Creighton said her party will not "prop up any government".

She said Renua intends to run candidates in all constituency but admitted that this target is proving challenging.

The party has two TDs other than Ms Creighton - Billy Timmins and Terence Flanagan - as well as senator Paul Bradford.

Party President Eddie Hobbs was also present.

Homeless campaigner Peter McVerry, who spoke at the party think-in, warned that an expenditure of €2bn per annum is required over the next decade to resolve the social housing list.

Journalist and campaigner Elaine Byrne said dealing with corruption requires the same intensity as shown in the setting up of CAB, following the murder of Veronica Guerin.

Meanwhile, Eurosceptic Declan Ganley called for the introduction of a flat tax regime - which would see all taxpayers paying the same rate of income tax.


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