Monday 19 August 2019

Letters to the editor: 'Games being played by our politicians will result in disaster'

In today's Irish Independent a number of readers have penned letters to the editor where they have their say on the current political stand-off. Read some of the letters in full below.

Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald
Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald

'Games being played by our politicians will result in disaster'

Are you disappointed that Ireland are out of the World Cup? Console yourselves, and just watch the football matches played by Dáil politicians. They have plenty of footballs to play with, such as the Sergeant Maurice McCabe case and Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald, with quite a few goals scored, such as two Garda commissioners and a minister for justice.

The ongoing petty arguments which might result in early elections this December are quite unbelievable, with Fianna Fáil, presumably tired of being only a trailer at the helm of this Government, blackmailing the Government with its demands for the Tánaiste’s resignation as the condicio sine qua non to avert early elections. To hell with this Government’s social welfare commitments for the most vulnerable of Ireland, and the absolute necessity of some sort of political stability to face the  looming Brexit negotiations.

Should elections be run this December, it is likely that only a minority of an enraged electorate will vote, with disastrous consequences for all parties.

In other words, it will be utter political stupidity. Einstein once said: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

Concetto La Malfa

Dublin 4

'Justice should be held to account'

Can someone tell me, what did Frances Fitzgerald do so wrong as justice minister that we need a general election? She forgot that she had been shown an email regarding Sergeant Maurice McCabe which told her that she could not interfere, full stop.

Fair play to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar standing by Ms Fitzgerald. We want politicians with principles, and this is a perfect example of principles.

Has no one really questioned the role of the Department of Justice in all of the problems that have arisen over the last 10 years? As a compromise, I would be agreeable to her standing down until the Charleton inquiry has looked into the role of the Department of Justice.

Donough O Reilly

Stillorgan, Co Dublin

'We live in irresponsible times'

‘May you live in interesting times.’ This ancient Chinese curse could well be applied to the political chaos now unfolding.

Not since the Treaty in 1921 has the country been involved in such important negotiations surrounding the economic and political future of Ireland.

It is beyond belief that the political poltroons in Leinster House have decided to have an ego-fuelled confrontation which will result in an unwanted, unnecessary and probably inconclusive general election.

At the very moment when European leaders are meeting to decide the next step in the Brexit process, the future of the Irish Border and of the country is being put at risk by mindless, irresponsible politicians.

Thelma and Louise are intent on driving the country off a cliff. Truly, those whom the “gods wish to destroy they first make mad’’.

Eamon Reid

Howth, Dublin 13

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