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Labour wants to regain popular support with 'TalktoJoan' campaign


Tanaiste Joan Burton

Tanaiste Joan Burton

Steve Humphreys

Tanaiste Joan Burton

Embattled Labour is going all-out to win back voters’ confidence through a major consultation campaign with its own members and the general public.

The new campaign will include a live opportunity with the Tanaiste on social media via the “#TalktoJoan.”  Citizens will also be given the chance to submit their own ideas for government change via Twitter and Facebook.

The "TalktoJoan" motif is a clear pun on the RTE radio popular phone-in programme presented by Joe Duffy.

The move follows Labour’s continuing slump in opinion polls – with some surveys putting them on almost one third their record high in the last general election in February 2011.

A recent Ipsos-MRBI poll put them on 7pc – compared with 19pc in the general election.

Ms Burton said she is going to use June and July to re-engage with party members. Events will start tomorrow in Dublin and later meetings will be held in Cork, Limerick, Galway and again in Dublin.

The Labour leader also said the latest date for a general election is April of next year. She brushed aside suggestions that it would be a good idea to go to the polls earlier.

The public consultation – and the direct link to Ms Burton via social media - will follow the  nationwide consultation with the party members.

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