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Labour TD fined in court for driving without insurance


Ann Phelan

Ann Phelan

Ann Phelan

Labour Party Junior Minister Ann Phelan was fined €300 in court for driving without insurance this week, independent.ie can reveal.

Ms Phelan was in a minor accident with a truck in Kilkenny last February.

When the Carlow-Kilkenny TD reported the incident to gardai they found she did not have valid insurance for her car.

The garda then issued her with a summons and she was called before Kilkenny District Court on Monday.

Ms Phelan did not attend the hearing but was instead represented by her solicitor.

The judge accepted the junior minister believed she was insured at the time and the incident was a genuine mistake.

The junior minister’s spokesperson tonight said Ms Phelan assumed she was insured on the day she crashed into the truck.

However, due to complications with renewing insurance she was not insured at the time.

“She was transferring insurance from the previous Friday and she assumed she was covered,” the spokesperson said.

“She called the guards herself, she had no reason to believe she wasn’t covered,” she said.

“She was treated like any other citizen, she held up hands and said it was a case of human error and judge accepted,” she added.

Ms Phelan took responsibility for the accident and no damaged was done to the other vehicle.

However, her cars was damaged in the collision.

“She was very lucky the car took the impact,” the spokesperson said.

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