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Labour Party prepared to go back into government, says Howlin


Labour leader Brendan Howlin Picture: Tom Burke

Labour leader Brendan Howlin Picture: Tom Burke

Labour leader Brendan Howlin Picture: Tom Burke

Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin has given his strongest indication to date that he is preparing to lead his party back into government.

A number of Labour politicians have said privately they would be reluctant to re-enter government after the next election as a result of the party's implosion at the polls in 2016.

Some Labour figures believe re-entering government should not be considered until after the local elections in 2019.

But Mr Howlin told the Irish Independent that Labour was willing to go back into government and that this distinguished the party from others on the left.

"We're a party that wants to do. We're quite happy to be in opposition. We're quite happy to critique. But we are always willing to change from talking about policy to implementing policy," the Wexford TD said. Mr Howlin criticised other parties in the Dáil who he said appeared to have no interest in being in office. He said he expected to hold discussions with other parties about potential government formation after the election.

"I'm not saying I will lead the party into government for the sake of office. God knows, we wouldn't be willing to do that. But we certainly would be willing to discuss with parties after an election if we can implement a policy platform that is truly reflective of Labour values."

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