Thursday 21 March 2019

Key constituency - Dublin Bay South

Chris Andrews
Chris Andrews
Eoghan Murphy

It may be more posh than Dublin Bay North, but it is likely that the internal constituency exchanges of Dublin Bay South will be even more fratricidal.

On any given day it is quite possible the constituency which loyally returned four government TDs in 2011 could yet return none.

All eyes, as is increasingly the case these days, will be on Lucinda. Will FG's former lioness in winter retain her seat or could Michael McDowell mount a comeback and scupper both their chances?

Or perhaps Mr McDowell might re-enter politics as Lucinda's running mate and Reboot Ireland might win two.

Amidst all this uncertainty, in one of our more astonishing re-inventions, the former Fianna Fail dynast Chris Andrews appears to be almost certain to be returned for Sinn Fein.

Much in that regard will depend on whether the blue rinse brigade of FF lady pensioners can put an x beside the party of Gerry Adams.

It might be expected that Kevin Humphreys might retain one of the two Labour seats courtesy of the retirement of Ruairi Quinn which was almost as much of a relief to Ruairi as the rest of his colleagues.

A dire local election result means however that Labour are being hunted down by that nice Green fellow Eamon Ryan and a scatter of Independents on the lines of Mannix Flynn.

How Humphreys fares will provide us with a true measure of whether Labour lives or dies.

Much interest will also follow the progress of Eoghan Murphy, the Dark Prince of the five-a-side group.

If he runs on his own he will be safe, but if the Fine Gael designated lovely girl candidate Kate O'Connell is picked both or none might win.

In an unsure landscape the only certain thing we can say is that the clashing of sabres here will make the 2014 Fianna Fail battle of Dun Laoghaire resemble a picnic in Downton Abbey.

Speaking of Fianna Fail, their city travails are epitomised by the 'who that man, or woman' status of the party candidate.

Maybe they might get Mary Hanafin to run there yet. That would just about complete the set.

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