Sunday 20 May 2018

Junior Minister John Halligan likens some elements of pro-life campaign to ISIS

Junior Minister John Halligan. Pic Tom Burke
Junior Minister John Halligan. Pic Tom Burke
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

Junior Training and Skills Minister John Halligan has likened some elements of the pro-life campaign to jihadi terrorists ISIS.

In a wide-ranging interview with Hot Press magazine, Mr Halligan insisted that he knows for a fact that God does not exist and said he has been hurt by the personalised attacks of ‘mob’ like anti-abortion campaigners.

The minister said he has taken legal advice on those "b******s".

He also criticised government plans to pay reparation costs to women travelling to the UK or elsewhere to have abortions involving fatal foetal abnormalities, who wish to bring their foetus back to Ireland.

Mr Halligan also revealed that Housing Minister Simon Coveney is his preferred candidate to replace Taoiseach Enda Kenny as leader of Fine Gael.

“If I say to you now that I think Simon should be leader of Fine Gael – that could be a death knell for him,” he said.

Hot Press magazine featuring the John Halligan interview
Hot Press magazine featuring the John Halligan interview

“The Fine Gaelers who don’t like me – and there’s a few of them – will say, ‘Well, f*ck that! We’re not voting for him’. To tell you the truth: yes, I think he would be a good leader,” he added.

The Waterford TD, who speaks openly about his own sex life during the interview, also calls for prostitution to be legalised.

 “Why would we want to fine somebody or make it a criminal offence for two consenting adults to have sex?” he said.

“Isn’t it a natural instinctive reaction to enjoy sex, to enjoy pleasure?  I’m a healthy man and I have a good sex life, but would there not be lonely men out there? Would there not be men who have a disfigurement or who are disabled?

"What do they do? So, they’re told, ‘No!’ So, there’s an opportunity for them maybe to pay for it and we’re saying ‘no’! That’s cruel. For men or women, that’s cruel. So, I think, absolutely. It should be regulated,” he added.

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