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Joan Burton's car blocked during protest at school


Tanaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton

Tanaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton

Tanaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton

PROTESTORS demonstrating against water charges blocked Tánaiste Joan Burton’s car this morning as she left an event at a primary school in Dublin.

The four demonstrators stood in front of the Tánaiste’s car and attempted to address her as it left St Eithne’s Girls National School in Raheney.

“How has austerity affected you?” asked one woman and a male pleaded with the Tánaiste to “fight for us”.

Ms Burton was at the school to launch a report on the development of school breakfast clubs.

The report found that 70 cents a day per child would ensure that children in the country could start their school day with a healthy breakfast in school.

Healthy Food for All have called on the Tánaiste to ensure that the €1.8m this would cost the Government annually would be provided in the upcoming budget.

Ms Burton said that is was a priority for the Government to look at the initiative.

“We prioritised increasing the funding for food in schools in my department last year and the year before. Last year we actually increased the money we spent on food in schools from €35m to €37m,” she said.

“It is a very important programme. I think that it is very important that children start off the day with breakfast in a friendly social space where they can sit down with friends and have a chat,” she added.

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