Sunday 8 December 2019

IRA rape victim intimidation in wake of making statements

Mairia Cahill arriving at Leinster House earlier this week. Photo: Tom Burke
Mairia Cahill arriving at Leinster House earlier this week. Photo: Tom Burke
Paul Williams

Paul Williams

The victim of sex abuse by an IRA member and a subsequent Provo interrogation, similar to the Mairia Cahill case, says he has been victimised since coming forward.

The man and his brother were sexually abused by a known IRA member.

Gardai have confirmed they are investigating a possible attempt to intimidate 'John' and his young family after stones and eggs were thrown at the front of his home in Co Louth.

A security source said: "This incident happened last Friday night and we are taking it seriously because this was the only house in a row of over 40 houses which was picked out for attack."

Last night 'John' told the Irish Independent: "The gardai are now providing my family with extra protection because they consider the incident to be serious enough.

"I have grown up in the Republican movement and this is how they begin to intimidate and harass people, they will want to silence me if they can but I have no intention of doing so," he added.

The IRA victim has given a detailed statement to detectives outlining the involvement of a leading Belfast Provo in the internal IRA probe.

"I decided to come forward and expose these people once and for all when I saw what Mairia Cahill went through. I was amazed when I read her account of the kangaroo court because it was identical to what me and my brother experienced in 2002," 'John' told the Irish Independent last night.

A prominent republican involved in the Mairia Cahill interrogation allegedly participated in a probe following the rape of the two young boys.

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