Saturday 21 April 2018

'If we have to get married on the picket, we will' - Tesco couple

Brian Barrett Photo: Frank Mc Grath
Brian Barrett Photo: Frank Mc Grath

Chai Brady

Tesco workers have spoken of their resolve, saying they're willing to go "all the way".

Brian Barrett, who lives in Ashbourne, Co Meath, has worked for Tesco for 28 years.

He is getting married to his partner next month - who also works in Tesco.

"If we have to get married on the picket, we'll do it...," he said.

Meanwhile, Gerard Mahady (52) is one of about 250 staff who have been with the company since before 1996, and has a contract that workers believe Tesco intends to amend.

He has been with the company for 30 years, and his wife has been there for 26 years.

Mr Mahady was one of more than 50 people protesting yesterday outside Tesco in Finglas, Dublin.

"We were told that our contracts are going to be ripped up, and we're being offered new ones," he said.

"There'll be a loss of income for me personally of 15pc.

"As a long-term worker, the big issue for me would be loss of earnings, my wife also stands to lose 15pc of her wages.

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"I wouldn't be able to afford my mortgage and my bills. I don't know how to make ends meet.

"They employ 14,500 people, how are 200-odd people affecting them? We shouldn't be treated like this."

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