Friday 15 December 2017

'If Sinn Féin taxed super rich, I'd emigrate,' says O'Leary

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary. Photo: Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg
Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary. Photo: Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg Newsdesk Newsdesk

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has hit out at Sinn Féin's "utterly crazy" economic plans, claiming he would emigrate if the party taxed the "super rich".

Instead, Mr O'Leary called for "sensible policies".

"I don't want to pay 80pc tax. I'll simply move, I'll emigrate," he said. "Most of the super rich in Ireland, that they talk about, don't live here so we can't tax them anyway.

"It's all populist nonsense what you get from the Shinners nowadays.

"They might be effective on the ground but they don't have sensible economic plans," he told RTÉ Radio One's 'Countrywide'.

Mr O'Leary called for "sensible parties" to take power and criticised the electorate for producing an inconclusive Dáil result, saying he "felt sympathy for politicians".

"I want to vote for sensible people, not a bunch of lunatics saying they'll get rid of water charges."

Mr O'Leary said he did not believe Independents could be effective in Government, saying "ultimately Independents do nothing".

"The worst Governments have been held to ransom by one or two Independents, " he added.

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