Thursday 26 April 2018

'I don't need to declare my Coppers gold card' - Noel Rock said card was first thing he received after election to Dáil

Noel Rock TD. Inset: The famous Coppers gold card
Noel Rock TD. Inset: The famous Coppers gold card

Barry Lennon

Fine Gael TD Noel Rock said the first thing he received after his election to the Dáil was a Coppers Face Jacks’ Gold Card.

Speaking on’s political podcast, the Floating Voter, he said the popular Dublin nightclub were “keen to keep his loyalty” by giving him exclusive access to it.

Mr Rock said he did not declare it to the Standards In Public Office “as there’s no monetary benefit to it,” adding  “do I have to list how many times I use the gold card?”

On the podcast, Mr Rock also said there was a “case to be made for reducing water charges,” admitting the charge was “reasonably expensive.”

However he believes in retaining Irish Water, saying “just because something is unpopular we shouldn’t rush away from it. There’s a lot to be said for standing up for what you believe in.”

He thinks Fine Gael should not row back too much as the party discusses the issue with Fianna Fáil, saying  “a clear reason why Irish Water exists and why it will continue to exist.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Mr Rock discussed the prospect of becoming the first TD to nominate a Taoiseach four times and ministerial ambitions.

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