Friday 17 November 2017

'How much Rome is left in Renua' will determine its future

Eddie Hobbs has left Renua
Eddie Hobbs has left Renua
Cormac McQuinn

Cormac McQuinn

Eddie Hobbs has said that Renua's bid to reposition itself as a liberal democrat party will depend on "how much Rome is left" in it.

The former TV finance guru is leaving the party - saying he has achieved his objective of helping Renua to reposition itself away from being associated with conservative Catholic policies, towards becoming a liberal organisation.

However, he indicated that the repositioning process was not yet complete.

He said: "Whether it can [become a liberal democrat party] now depends on a) the next leadership and b) how much Rome is left in Renua."

Renua was founded by Fine Gael rebels Lucinda Creighton, Terence Flanagan and Billy Timmins after they voted against the last government on the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill in 2013.

All three lost their seats in the recent election.

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Since then Mr Hobbs has been involved in attempting to reposition the party along with Offaly councillor John Leahy.

Mr Leahy - one of five remaining Renua councillors - last night said he was "disappointed" that Mr Hobbs had left and suggested that the repositioning of the party "may not have been happening as quickly as Eddie would have liked".

He said that Renua was still "trying to get to grips with where we're at as a party" and that they had yet to decide how they would select a new leader.

Mr Leahy said he would be "up for the challenge of leadership" but wouldn't rule out an outside candidate.

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